Friday, May 4, 2012

Turning the Page...

Today marked a new chapter in my life.  After nearly 15 years, I left my company to be a full-time wife and mommy!  I tell everyone I've accepted a promotion.  The pay isn't good, but the benefits are amazing!  After being home for about an hour, I was ready to go back to work!  It's not easy to turn this switch in my brain.  But I'm sure with time and God's good grace, I'll get the hang of things.

Many knew for a couple months I was leaving my job due to this upcoming PCS move.  So for weeks I was living a very surreal life - making decisions and laying lasting foundations that would outlive my term, but that I made as though I would be there to see them through.  I had to step back a few times and realize that what I did in these days would have to survive without me or fail.  It made each step a little more meaningful.

My program had a beautiful going away luncheon on Wednesday which gave me time to say all my goodbyes and slowly fade out today.  I came in very early, packed my boxes, said a few heartfelt final goodbyes and left.  Although I did have fun with my team in the LAST days...They would often here me say, "This is my last CCB meeting!"  "This my last staff meeting!"  "This is my last Customer Support Call"  "This is my last status report!"  They were so sweet to endure all my "LASTS" and constantly parallel them to my "FIRSTS".  Interestingly enough, when I started at this company, I started on the very same project!  During my career I moved around a lot, but came full circle, so some of these people were my very first friends and co-workers.  It's been a great way to end this chapter!

Thanks to all my work friends!  You are all so special to me and have each made a strong impression on who I am as a person, employee and friend.  I can only hope that the company got half as much out of me as I received from my brethren.

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  1. Very nice post, honey!! Although I can't totally know how this transition must make you feel, I sure am excited for what's in store for you and our family!!