Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Italy vs. Europe


Well, today wasn't without it's moments, but nothing to really write an essay about.  Kids had a great day at school, I worked with the school director (over caffe) to plan their first annual Fall Festival and we got more progress made with the housing office to grease the skids into getting into our new home!  Friday we can start to make better educated predictions on when we will actually move in.

I do feel the need to mention as I was in a store today, all the stores seem to blare loud, obnoxious discotheque music.  It's almost always in English and almost always has very bad words in it.  It's really something to see moms and their little girls shopping tapping to the music and have no idea what they are singing!  I think I would have gotten a real kick out of this when I was about 19, but now that I'm a bit older than that, I just can't stand it!  I'm getting a little grumpy in my old age!

But I don't want to disappoint without a much cooler story than that, so with no further ado I give you the link to the video, "Europe vs. Italy!" that I mentioned in an earlier blogpost Please Don't Sneeze in My Cornetto

If you have been to Italy, you will really understand.  If you haven't, you may think that this is an exaggeration.  I assure you, it is not!

Enjoy and I'll see you here tomorrow!  Please subscribe and comment here on the blog.  As our membership grows, I plan to do some fun giveaways of authentic italian "stuff"!



  1. yeah! it works now with whatever you did! :) you should now hopefully see more activity! :)

    1. Thanks friend. Miss seeing you at Nutcracker rehersals :(

  2. funny stuff. Love hearing about your adventures

    1. Tina! Miss you so much. Especially this time of year. Hope all is well and that you enjoy the blog!