Friday, November 2, 2012

9 Straight Days of Nights

Well, honestly I almost failed NaBloPoMo in 24 hours! I am laying in bed exhausted, trying to drown out the noise from the party happening at the hotel and drift off to La La Land. But I realized I haven't written a post today!

I have lots of material, but tonight I choose to dedicate the post to my HubbyPoo Chris who has worked 9 nights in a row. There's a big exercise going on and although he didn't have to go out with a ship, he still had to hold down the fort here and work nights.

I definitely realize that being a Stay At Home Mommy is a lot of work. Having been a working mom up until the last 5 months, it is difficult to not think that those non-paycheck earning Mommies don't have it a lot better than I did! But thankfully most nights I now get a full night's sleep. That is, when the kids and the puppies let me get one ;) But Chris has had to work every night for over a week. Trying to get enough sleep in between the hours of 9an and 3pm. Even though he's had to work, he's been so good about getting up "early" to play and spend time with us, to help me with kids, to take dogs out to potty and even take care of our car and housing appointments!

Hubby Poo, you ROCK! I love you so much and appreciate you more than you know. You never cease to impress me with your ability to endure the difficult times. I hope that you indeed get the day off tomorrow and how I so look forward to spending family time together this weekend!


  1. I can't ROCK without my "band"...of great supporters at home! :) Thank you for all your support, precious WifePoo.

  2. Ill be your backup singer any day! MUH! Miss you!