Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Divine Appointments

You don't always know you've had one until after it's over, but I believe in Divine Appointments.  I define them as the way that God curves time to allow an interaction to take place that is appointed by God.  Today I had such an encounter.

My divine appointment involved two friends, Kathy and Lindsey.  I was at the Navy Exchange on base to buy some birthday gifts for friends and got the call to help out my friend Kathy by looking for some things for her.  One of the items on her list that I was incessantly looking for was Play Doh.  The base sometimes stocks it, but it sells out very quickly.  I found it and piled it into my cart for her and for me!  I ran to get a few other things and headed to the register.

As I was checking out (and was almost running out of time to get my kids picked up) I saw my friend Lindsey.  (Time curbing 1: If I wasn't looking for things for Kathy, I would not have even seen Lindsey).  She spied the Play Doh in my cart and asked if I had bought out all they had.  I said, "No, there's still a little back there."  She asked me to stay and wait while she headed back so we could chat. I knew I'd be really late and I still had some things to shop for, but I felt this compelling need to stay (Prompting).  I called my friend Kathy who was planning to meet me if she'd instead pick up my kiddos from school and take them to play with hers for a while.  She said, "No Problem!  Take your time!"

So I waited for Lindsey and she asked about my home situation.  I told her we are so close!  Today, the current occupants left the house and the landlord is working hard to get it ready for inspection on Friday!  I went on to tell her that I have family coming to town next week though and I sure hate to think about us being in the hotel because I don't yet have furniture or anything in the house.  You are not able to schedule the move of any of your household goods until you have a signed contract in hand.

She asked me if I have talked to the Household Goods Office lately.  I said that I had been there recently to schedule an extension, but not about our move.  She encouraged me to go talk to them.  She said they went and greased the skids before their contract date and when they signed the contract they were able to get their goods the very next day!  Hmmmm....well, maybe it's worth a shot.

With my kids in capable hands, I finished my errands and went over to the Household Goods Office.  I started with the lady at the front desk who is always pleasant, and told her my tale of woe...5 months in a hotel...family coming to town...Thanksgiving on the horizon...and she said, "Please, sign in.  I think someone will be able to help you here."

She sent me immediately back to one of the counselors.  There are two in the office, and I have always dealt with one.  Today I was sent to the other...and I'm thinking, "NO!  Now I have to get a new person in the loop! But I told her everything and she looked us up in the computer.

"What day is your inspection?"

"Friday.  And if we pass, the landlord will give me the keys regardless of the contract signing date."

"What day do you want to move in?"

"Friday (cheesy smile)...Just kidding!"

"What day does your family come?"

"My family comes Wednesday...so I'd settle for Tuesday"

"I'm going to go ahead and schedule you.  If you don't pass inspection, call me Friday and we can change it, but if you do, we'll proceed with Tuesday."



I have a date!  I am fairly certain that we will be moving into our home on Tuesday!  With furniture!  Without a contract!  This is truly unbelievable.  I am so thankful for their grace to work with me and do something reasonable!

I left and I was so excited!  I called Lindsey and I told her she was my Divine Appointment today.  She made my day and I made hers!

As I said before, I am planning to write a 2-3 part blog on housing.  It's far too much to do in one post, but this is just one huge thing that happened for which I am truly thankful.

After I picked up the kids (Grazie Mille Kathy!) I went by our NEW house and saw the landlord, his wife and four other people working very hard to clean and paint our home that was left as a disaster!  :(

He told me that what they are striving to do in 3 days usually takes 1 month.  But he is willing to do it.  Well, there is some monetary incentive, of course, but he told me that it's because he knows we have been driving back and forth for two months to take the kids to school each day and that we have waited so long for this house that he is doing whatever it takes to get us in!  Also, he was able to have the power switched into our names WITHOUT A SIGNED CONTRACT!  Also unbelievable!  It can take up to 8 days to get power turned on, and he was able to do it with a phone call!  God's grace again!

I am so thankful and excited about settling in, that I can't even relax.  I am so tense and nervous and praying constantly for favor with the inspector that it will pass and we will be in as soon as possible!

Thank you for those in Italy and at home who have been praying for us.  Your prayers are felt in a big way.  My kids were so excited to run up and down the stairs of their new homes...spying their new rooms and imagining life here.

It was such a wonderful sight.

So when you recognize a divine appointment in your life, I encourage you to share it with people.  It's a wonderful encouragement to others and can really even encourage the one who was used by God.  You never know when God is speaking through you either, and I can tell you, it's even more amazing when you find out YOU were the one God used in someone else's life!

Today I am thankful for:

7. Italian Espresso

8. Fast friends.  So thankful for God bringing great friendships into my life so quickly here in Italy.

9. Divine Appointments

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