Monday, November 12, 2012

Tutto a Posto

"Tutto a posto." This is a phase that means "Everything is in its place." It can also be used in response to "Come stai?" or "How are you?". Well, today I'm feeling that term on many levels as I work into the night to ensure the things we already have here are in place before receiving both our shipments of household goods tomorrow!

Chris and I had a nice morning together as we took the kiddos to school, stopped at the bar for a cafe, and went to Brico (think Home Depot) for a few items. Then we came home (man I like the way that sounds!) and we walked through the house looking and discussing where everything should go.

Then Chris went to bed to prepare for working tonight. Yes, Chris has to work tonight, tomorrow night and the next night. The worst possible timing!

But, piano, piano (slowly, slowly) we will put our house together!

Tonight I am thankful for:

25. The men working on our yard who played soccer with Ivan for a few minutes

26. Emily and Ivan playing playdoh for an hour!

27. My landlord Giovanna for helping Emily with Italian homework and takin her with her daughter to rhythmic gymnastics tonight.

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