Friday, November 9, 2012

Countdown to Moving Day

First of all, sorry this post is 12 hours late.  I'm hoping in the US it's still Friday in some places ;)  It just means it's double blog post day for me!

I don't want to spoil the ending, but it looks like at the end of this 5 1/2 month period of our sojourn in Italy, the family WILL get the house.  It hasn't been as easy as I thought.  You know the feeling when you go to a restaurant like TGI Friday's or The Cheesecake Factory and you get the menu and it's 10 pages long?  You may have been hungry for something when you got there, but after you see page after page of new ideas, you suddenly don't know what to order.  You may ask your server what they like.  And then you ask your friends what they're ordering.  And you still aren't sure, yet you don't want to hold up the entire table so you say, "Uhhhh, skip me until the end."  Well, that's what searching for a home in Naples has been like for us.

But looooooong story short, we found our house that made the most PROS on our PRO/CON list and we will be moving in on Tuesday!

I can't wait to unfold the events that occurred leading up to this.  If you like House Hunters International, you will enjoy the next series of blog posts.  If you know someone PCSing overseas, the info might also be helpful to them.  If you have lived through this sort of move, please feel free to add comments for others!

Today I'm thankful for:

16. The little bit of Italian I have picked up.  I'm completely able to talk to my landlords, the yard workers, the maid, the electrician, the painters, everyone working on my home! And I think it helped us find favor with our home inspectors yesterday.  And I introduced myself to an Italian neighbor!  Like my blogpost Meeting in the Middle Italians LOVE when I do my best to communicate.

17. The two bars walking distance from my new house.  Everyone that works in them are so nice and inviting to us!

18. Landlords that love us.  Their family is amazing!

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